Anemone are easy to grow perennials that look gorgeous over summer. They start to flower in Spring. Flower formations vary from single, semi-double and fully double.

How to Care


Anemone thrive in sunny positions with a well-drained, moderately rich soil. Improve soils with organic compost and add bulb food or general garden fertiliser when preparing soil.

Anemone can be grown in pots and containers using a quality potting mix. See more about container planting here.
Plant tubers 15-30cm apart, 5cm deep in February, March or April to ensure on-going  blooms over several months.

Feeding and Watering

Liquid fertiliser such as ican Fast Food or Nitrosol should be applied as growth appears, and when coming into flower.
Do not overwater Anemome by ensuring the soil is free draining. This will prevent damping off (rot).

Pests and Diseases

Anemome plants are susceptible to rust, damping off and soil fungus diseases (rots). The best products recommended to combat pests and diseases are:

Rust – Greenguard
Fungus - Yates Fungus Fighter

Popular Varieties

• St Brigid 
The Governor – Scarlet
The Admiral – Lilac
Lord Lieutenant – Blue

• De Caen 
His Excellency – Scarlet
Sylphide – Lilac
The Bride - white

• Blanda 
Blue, Pink, White