Originating from China, the earliest modern rose was the tea rose. With centuries of breeding, modern roses today flower continuously from spring to autumn. There are single, semi double and double flowered forms in every colour imaginable, many with a beautiful fragrance.

Popular Varieties

Hybrid Tea roses grow from 1 to 2 metres in height with large double flowers on single stems. Some are fragrant.

Floribunda roses grow 1 to 1.5 metres in height with many clusters of flowers on one stem. 

Climbers or pillar roses grow 2 metres plus in height. Some have hybrid tea type flowers others floribunda clusters.

Old Fashioned roses are often called species roses. Some grow to 4 metres in height, some are fragrant and have colourful hips in winter. 

English roses (modern shrub) are bred to retain the best old fashioned rose traits of fragrance and flower form, but benefit from modern breeding being disease resistant and continuous flowering. They grow to a height of 1 to 2 metres.  

David Austin roses are popular English roses. 

Miniature roses grow from a height of 15 to 50cm, are compact bushes, do not require pruning and are great in patio pots and tubs.

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small Samantha Jean Mattsam My Rose Collection Matthews Nurseries Ltd
Samantha Jean - new for 2024

Gorgeous vintage style, soft champagne pink blooms with exquisite fragrance. The unique large multi-petal clusters repeat flower on long stems – wonderful for picking!

Easy care, healthy plant with upright, taller growing habit. Bred in NZ by Bob Matthews and named for his daughter Samantha to celebrate their collaboration creating the ‘My Rose Collection’ range together. Height 1.5m 

small Legacy Mattmcg Hybrid tea Matthews Nurseries Ltd 2

Legacy - new for 2024

Unique burnt toffee buds transform into multi-petal terracotta blooms. Outstanding for picking especially during the bud stage. Repeat flowering with light fragrance.

Super shiny, glossy foliage also catches your eye on the healthy growing plant. Bred in NZ by Bob Matthews. Height 1.3m

small Cuppa Tea Mattearl Floribunda Matthews Nurseries Ltd

Cuppa Tea - new for 2024

Clusters of antique platinum blooms open into changing shades of warm lilac hinted with lavender pink. Bred in NZ by Bob Matthews from his creation ‘Cappuccino’. Bushy, healthy growing habit with mid-green foliage. Height 1.1m approx 




small Allison Scott Mattcard Floribunda Matthews Nurseries Ltd

Alison Scott - new for 2024

 Glowing warm coral orange blooms borne on strong stems. This vigorous growing plant was awarded the prestigious Gold Star of the South Pacific at the NZRS International Rose Trials, Palmerston North.

A sport of the spectacular ‘My Mum’ that was discovered by its namesake. Height 1.4m approx 

small Bubblegum Weknecoflojuc Climber Matthews Nurseries Ltd

Bubblegum (climber) - new for 2024

 Soft bubblegum pink blooms pop into flower clusters, covering areas with an amazing show.

This world exclusive release repeat blooms throughout the season on a bushy, robust growing plant with mid-green foliage. Sweet fragrance. Height 3m approx 

small Bee Scene Korfliaumi Floribunda Kordes Rosen Matthews Nurseries Ltd

Bee Scene - new for 2024

Just as the name suggests, this bee friendly rose brings the wow factor with tropical tones of warm yellow, edged with coral, orange and pink.

Deep glossy foliage, robust growth habit sets the scene for creating a pollinator friendly garden with this award winner.

Bred by renowned Kordes Roses. Height 1.3m approx  

small Little Sunset Korlutmag Miniature Patio Kordes Rosen Matthews Nurseries Ltd

Little Sunset - new for 2024

Perfect for planting in smaller spaces with sprays of sunset toned miniature blooms in shades of soft creamy yellow edged with warm peach.

Delightfully cute buds open into repeat flowering clusters on a compact, neatly formed plant well suited for growing in a container or pot.

Bred by renowned Kordes Roses. Height 80cm.