Growing Garlic

Garlic is one of the easiest and low maintenance crops you can grow. It takes minimal room (width wise above the soil) and once planted it requires very little care other than a nice moist soil bed. It can be planted in both garden beds and containers in autumn and winter, and will thrive when given food, water and plenty of sun.

How to Care


Soil for garlic growing needs to be well cultivated and well drained. The soil is essential to successfully grow garlic so add Organic Compost at time of preparation. 


General Garden Food of 200g/m² prior to planting is needed.


Plant garlic between May to June. Plant cloves 5-8 cm deep and 10cm apart.


Harvest in mid December when the tops fall over. Lift and dry thoroughly in a well ventilated sunny area for 1-2 weeks. Once dry, hang in bundles of 6-8 in a dark, ventilated place.

Garlic keeps up to 1 year.

  • White – most common 
  • Elephant – larger, mild flavour 
  • Red – red skinned
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