Avocado Reed A 1801

Avocado's are here

There is huge demand for the available plants and we would hate for you to miss out.
- are rich in oil which is monounsaturated (good for you)
- are rich in vitamin B, E and K
- have 60% more potassium than bananas
- have a high fibre content
- are tasty and delicious
- are in short supply and outrageously priced in the supermarket!
We have lovely grafted plants available now - Reed, Hass, Bacon and Fuerte.

Caterpillar on swan plant

Plant Swan Plants now

It's time to plant Swan Plants and get some size on them before those Monarch Butterflies come looking for a place to lay their eggs and commence the amazing circle of life that is truly fascinating and a privilege to watch.
The best idea is to plant them now and grow the food they need...
These little plants are great value and will grow fast
prices start at 3 plants for $10!

New map m2pp harrisons

New Highway at Peka Peka

Don't use the expressway...
If you want to get to Harrisons from the South then the expressway is of no use to you unless you are on a bike, a horse or walking. Now that the expressway/bypass is open to traffic we have a lot of customers discovering that the big bright new road through our back yard is not for us. That said the old highway is now empty and an easy stress free drive.
We would really appreciate you sharing with friends and family the information that ... that they will get to Harrisons the same way they always have - via the old highway.

New in Stock

ican seeds chefs best

ican Seeds - the best performers

Sow our ican Seeds for the best results!
There is nothing like starting from a single seed and creating a bountiful crop of tasty produce to harvest as required from your own garden.
Ican seeds deliver:
· Superior Taste
· Improved Pest and Disease resistance
· Increased Vigour and Yield
If the vegetable you want is not in our range it is because we have not yet found a selection that is superior to others already on the market - if it is in our range you can be certain it's the very best.
We guarantee their performance!

passionfruit black beauty

Passionfruit please!

It's time to plant - lots of delicious summer fruit produced off this easily grown climber. Great for the kids lunchbox or drizzled over the pavlova - yum!
these big plants were 12.99 ea - now only 5.99 for a limited time!


Save 25% off all Berryfruits

We have Berryfruit plants for everyone - Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Gooseberries, Elderberries, Mulberry, and Currants (white, red or black) - your vitamin and anti-oxidant quota in your own backyard.
Choose a sunny, well-drained spot out of the wind, with some support for the boysenberries and blackberries.
Many will grow well in containers or raised beds. Find an area of the garden and start your collection, you will be delighted as they deliver year after year of delicious fresh fruit for Summer treats!

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