magnolia sentry label

This tree is unique

We have never had a magnolia like this - ever. As far I can see this plant is unique and could be a World First!
The blooms are tulip shaped, have a spicy scent and are a rich pink-purple with white interior. This tree is also hardy and easy to grow.
The unique feature though is definitely it's size - in 10 years you can expect Magnolia Sentry to be around 3.5 metres high and only 1 metre wide.
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Helleborus Annas Red

Winter Roses are outstanding

The modern Hellebores have been selected for their performance and for their 'proud flowering' producing flowers that sit up and look at you. Many of the older varieties were 'shy' and looked at the ground.
We have hundreds of these winter flowering delights in store now including a flurry of new varieties this season.
These plants are tough and easy to grow, they are a great addition to the garden with different varieties providing winter colour from May through to August each year.
Don't forget that at the moment conditions are perfect for planting and our best selection is available.

slow food2

24 Months of Feeding

For best results this planting season consider using our ican Slow Food which will provide your new or established plants with 24 months of balanced feeding as and when they need it. The controlled release fertiliser acts with temperature to provide more fertiliser when the plant growth is active and less when it's not.
It is perfect to use as a base fertiliser with all your Winter plantings - just mix a little in the bottom of the planting hole and sprinkle through the sides as you back fill to safely feed for the next 2 years.
only 14.99 ea.
or 2 for $25!

New in Stock

Viburnum dense fence 2

Viburnum Dense Fence

Why go to the expense of builders and 'hard landscaping' when a living fence can deliver attractive privacy or structure to your garden.
One of my favourite performers is the hardy evergreen Viburnum 'Dense Fence'.
In can grow to 2.5m but is easily trimmed and kept at heights much smaller than that. It will quickly form a dense screening hedge that requires less pruning than many others, and it's attractive new growth has a subtle red tinge.
It is tough, withstands cold and wind. Although like any plant the better the conditions the quicker it will establish.
only 19.99 ea. or 5 for $75!

ican Harvest a4

ican Harvest

I want to introduce you to our latest initiative - a hand picked range of fruit trees that are simply sensational and chosen for their performance and taste in the home garden.
Our ican Harvest Range contains a number of fruits that you have probably never heard of and will not see in the supermarkets. But they are superb plants for the home garden and we highly recommend them - give them a go, I know you will be delighted!
All are compact and most are suitable for container production as well as in the garden.

Tui in the blossom at Harrisons

Tui Trees

There are many trees that bring joy to the garden and after a long Winter when native food supplies are scarce the Tui and Bellbirds delight in feasting on the flowering Cherry - Prunus campanulata.
We have a large Taiwanese Cherry in the garden centre grounds and it can attract up to 10 or more at any one time.
They normally require some space to grow but we have a number of varieties that are suitable for smaller gardens or where space is limited. Come and have a look at these gorgeous trees (and the Tuis).
Save $10 off any Prunus camp. this weekend

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