Begonias are a large genus of sub-tropical flowering plants incorporating thousands of varieties. The most commonly grown are tuberous and bedding (fibrous) begonias. They come in a range of flower colours including white, pink, red, yellow, orange.

How to Care


All begonias enjoy a fertile, free draining soil, and dislike wet feet. They prefer dappled sunlight and part shade in warmer areas but can be grown in a glasshouse in cooler parts.

Plant in flower beds and borders that get some protection from the hottest summer sun.

Begonias are summer flowering, though the bedding types will almost flower all year in certain conditions. Young bedding plants are best not to be planted in colder climates where frost occurs.

Tuberous Begonias are usually grown in pots and there are pendulous types particularly suited to hanging baskets. Tuberous types should be dried off as winter approaches and stored in a dry place until re-planting the following spring.

Hang pendulous types from pergolas and archways.

Dry tubers are available ready for planting into pots and baskets or into the garden, from early spring to early summer. Flowering examples are available for planting during summer months.