Colour and Scent In Your Garden

Get creative in your garden by designing eye catching combinations and adding fragrant blooms to enjoy all year round.

Here are some colour and scent principles:

 Bold and Beautiful

Shades of red yellow and blue. Yellow and blue is an eye catching contrast.

To create contrast, look at the colour wheel below and use opposites or complimentary colours when planting e.g. orange and blue, yellow and purple, red and green. Add in white to really make your contrasting colours 'Pop'!

Neutral Hues
These colours go with everything and are fantastic fillers. Whites and silvers, beige and cream.

Hot Hot Hot
Pinks, oranges, reds and purples create and exciting focal point.

Soft and Sweet
Pastel colours of pale yellow, lavender, baby blue and cream (not white), create a soothing affect.

Scented Annuals
Blooms that open later in the day are often fragrant, relying on their perfume to entice pollinators. To achieve a scented garden that you, your family and visitors notice, cluster pots of scented annuals and place them in entertainment areas. Plant more than one plant, the more you grow, the stronger the scent will be!