Exclusive ican Products

Harrisons has something that you won’t find in any big box store retailers.  We and other industry leading independent retailers have developed a specialized range of products that you will not find elsewhere. These products include a range of customer inspired plants and essential garden care products.

ican Colourpax

Easy instant colour.  A large 4 pack of potted annuals at a very affordable price

ican Valuepax

Perennials (plants that last longer than instant colour).  Perennials like to be planted in groups of 3 or more. Valuepax provides you with an affordable option for mass planting.

ican Twin Pack

Vegetables and herbs. If you lack the space, or do not need 6 lettuces of broccoli plants all ready to harvest at the same time, iCan twin packs provide you with a perfect alternative, especially if you want to stagger your planting and have a continuous crop of your garden favourites.  We’ve selected the best performers for these twin packs.

ican Real Blood and Bone

It's real! ican Real Blood & Bone is the best you can buy!  It contains almost DOUBLE the nitrogen of others on the market - because nothing has been taken out and no fillers have been added. It is as it says REAL Blood & Bone. Start your veges and plants off with a real boost and you will be rewarded with instant growth. It's the good stuff - like grandad used to use!

At last after 35 years, we have found a supply of REAL Blood and Bone. What is the difference you might ask? Blood and Bone is made from abattoir waste consisting of bone hoof, horn, waste meat and blood.

Since about 1980, the blood has been processed separately and used for other high value purposes, leaving very little blood in the fertiliser for the last 35 years. Blood is the ingredient that contributes most of the nutrients of nitrogen.

The nitrogen content of our ican REAL Blood and Bone is almost double that of other brands and the phosphate content the same. (Check the analysis content on the labels of each).

Use ican REAL Blood and Bone on your garden and see the difference.

ican 100% Organic Vegetable Food

This is the perfect way to feed your vege plants - naturally. It is a blend of Real Blood and Bone with added BioGro certified Organic Sulphate of Potash to provide a higher level of nutrients in balance with the needs of your vegetable garden and crops. This fertiliser will enhance crop flavour and yield, improve your garden soil and encourage earthworm activity 2.5kg bags. Use at planting time and throughout the growing season! It's also great on your fruiting plants - strawberries, tomatoes, raspberries and many more.

ican Fertiliser Range

ican Fertilisers are specialised for your favourite crops and general purpose for the whole garden all containing the major nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium plus essential trace elements that plants need for healthy growth of foliage and stems, flowers and fruits, and root development.

You can trust these fetilisers to deliver great results and great value.

ican Fast Food

Fast food that's good for your plants! Liquid feeding is the best and fastest way to get nutrients into your plants at any time of the year. There are a multitude of different options available but the one we recommend is ican Fast Food as it has the perfect nutrient rating for pretty much every plant. Use it regularly to give your plants a boost and keep them healthy. It works! 

ican Slow Food

ican Slow Food will provide your new or established plants with 24 months of balanced feeding as and when they need it. The controlled release fertiliser acts with temperature to provide more fertiliser when the plant growth is active and less when it's not.
It is perfect to use as a base fertiliser with all new plants - just mix a little in the bottom of the planting hole and sprinkle through the sides as you backfill to safely feed for the next 2 years.
It is also our no.1 recommendation for houseplants as they prefer to be fed little and often - which is exactly what ican Slow Food is designed to do.

ican Tools and ican Garden Gloves

Selected and chosen for their versatility, durability and comfort. A range of easy to use tools that also look great - stainless steel and ash handles. Great for the garden shed or to give as gifts. We have both short handled Hand Tools as well as long handled versions for when your flexibility may not be what it once was.

Our ican Gloves are also the three most popular in our range - starting with a value glove that is incredible buying. A general all purpose 'blue back' (pictured) that is our no.1 seller - it will last and wear longer. And lastly a waterproof glove to keep your hands clean warm and dry through the cooler months. We use these ourselves and highly recommend them. If they get dirty just pop them off and throw them through the washing machine.

ican Oceangrow

ican Oceangrow is an all purpose liquid fish fertilizer from a renewable resource that will promote strong plant growth. Ican Oceangrow will assist earthworm populations and intensify soil microbial activity

Ican Oceangrow can deter Rabbit, Hare and Possum pests (a big bonus for those in the country). Ican Oceangrow contains no harmful chemicals – safe for birds, bees and the environment.

ican Seaweed Boost

Combines our famous Oceangrow liquid fish fertiliser with a large boost of Seaweed. Now it's a great fertiliser and growth enhancer as Seaweed contains many natural growth promotants.  Use as a fertiliser, a pick me up, soak all new seedlings prior to planting and add to your sprayer when applying crop or rose sprays.

ican Vegetable Seeds

Modern varieties of vegetables are higher yielding, better tasting, more disease resistant and more uniform than older varieties.

Our garden experts have carried out extensive trials and sought advice from vegetable seed specialists in NZ and internationally, to find the very best varieties for the NZ home gardener. We have chosen 15 of the very best vegetables for you under the ‘ican’ brand.

The majority of these varieties are hybrids where there has been a focus on breeding for

  • Superior Taste
  • Improved Pest and Disease resistance
  • Increased Vigour and Yield

In addition hybrids have the benefit of being consistent and reliable. A number of the varieties are also more compact, and faster maturing, which results in a larger range from less space, and the ability to produce more crops through the season. Many are ideal for raised planter beds and container gardening.

For the novice gardener or the experienced – ican seeds answer the question…

What should I grow? - If it’s available in ican – that’s the one to sow!


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