Trees and Shrubs

Growing many species of trees and shrubs in our nursery means we are able to offer you a variety of size and price options. Even small gardens need some trees to provide a vertical element, shade and to give the garden a mature look. We’ve a fantastic range of trees and shrubs. 

Our recommendations for small trees in smaller gardens are:

Acers – Cercis - Dogwoods – Magnolia – Crabapples – Cherries – Silver Weeping Pear – Lilacs.

Our recommendation for great shrubs that flower and add scent to your garden are:

Michelia – Viburnum – Luculia – Philadelphus – wintersweet  to name just a few.

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Value size

When you require larger numbers and have little time to wait

Regular size 

Plants are a few years older and not so long to wait

Large Grade 

Instant effect

Super Size 

Maximum WOW!

Big Trees in the Nursery