Caring For Your Garden

Sun and rain are two essential ingredients to a successful garden, but there’s so much more to ensuring your garden is properly maintained and your plants thrive.

On this website or in store you’ll find all the expert knowledge, garden information and quality products you will need to enjoy success in your outdoor living space.

Ensure your plants are well nourished and fed. With so many options and different types of fertilisers, potting mix blends and plant food, let our expert team help you select the right products. 

Our team is on hand to assist in identifying and offering tips on how to treat and prevent all manner of plant health issues. We also have all the products needed to control those nasty garden pests.

Want a perfect lawn that’s lush, green and healthy? Come and see us, we’ve got all the advice and everything you need to succeed.

We know how important it is to use quality tools. They make the job in the garden easier and will last much, much longer than some alternatives on the market. In store you will find the Wolf Garten, Joseph Bentley and Hozelock tools and products that we know and trust.