The Gladioli is a perennial flowering plant delivering a punch of summer colour year after year with its large variety of colours. They do well in a sunny and sheltered position, north facing is ideal. In warm areas of New Zealand, plant anywhere from May through to September. In colder climates, August to December.

How to Care


The soil must be well drained, so dig deeply and add Organic Compost and General Garden Food (see rates on packet) for best results.

Plant in groups rather than rows, staking as you go to protect from wind damage. Staking at the time of planting avoids damage to bulbs. Plant with basal plate downwards, 10cm deep, 15-20cm apart.

Gladioli can also be grown in pots and containers using Container Mix. Approx. 6 corms to a 20cm t/c pot.

Feeding and Watering

Give weekly applications of iCan Fast Food during the period when flower stalks are forming, as new corms are developing at the same time.

Keep well watered through the growing period, especially in drier periods.

Pests and Diseases

Small rasping insect which causes silvering of leaves and dark specks on underside of leaves. Spray with Confidor.

Yellow-orange mottled areas on upper surface of some leaves with some yellow-orange pustules on undersides. Spray with Growsafe Freeflo Copper or Yates Fungus Fighter.

Symptoms do not show up until flowering. Flowers develop streaks and broken colour. Destroy infected plants.